New website launched at dot AU

After many years without a website update, WLMD is re-launching at a dot AU address.

The new WLMD website is at:

The old WLMD website is still at:

Why the change?

Basically, the old website's content management system (CMS) is dinosaurian! The new system is sleek. Very sleek. And quick. It means I will be able to post updates and information at lightning speed - making website updates feasible again!

Which website do I use?

You can use either.

For now, most of the content is still at the old website. In due course - and this is a labour of love - I will migrate content across to the new website, reviewing it in the process.

The new website has the basic structure, so you can navigate there and in most places you will find a link back to the old website.

So watch this space, thank you for your continued readership, and remember - there is always discussion over at WLMD on Facebook too.