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Angel investment

If you are in a position to make a significant financial contribution to the search for Tasmanian tigers, please see the Angel Investment page.

Financial donations

From WLMD's inception in 2006 until 2017 I asked for no financial support. During this time I have set up my own camera trap business in support of my personal projects in search of the thylacine. During these years I conducted 8 expeditions in Tasmania in search of the thylacine, plus an additional trip volunteering in an Eastern quoll conservation research project, all at my own cost. For the tiger searches I have contributed all 8 return flights and approxiamtely 40 to 50 camera traps, not to mention batteries (at $15 to $60 per camera per deployment), food, fuel, accommodation, first aid equipment, navigation and safety equipment and hiking gear (with some donations from Monster Quest).

However in 2016 I became aware of other researchers raising funds in the order of several thousand dollars via Go Fund Me.

In early 2017 I opened a Go Fund Me account to assist with expedition expenses.

Thanks to early donors, my first trip in 2017 led to what I and my colleague Robert Bagshaw believe is the world's first audio recording of the Tasmanian tiger.

As such,

... so that I can follow up this successful expedition and continue to attempt to secure the world's first modern undisputed footage of a living thylacine.

Purchase trail cameras

Purchase trail cameras from Wildlife Monitoring - I run Australia's longest-serving dedicated camera trap business, established 2009 (following the filming of Monster Quest in search of the Tasmanian tiger). At least check the website out and recommend it to others. You won't be disappointed!

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