Photomicrographs of thylacine hair


Ini early 2017 I launched a crowd funding campaign to run a project that would produce the world's highest quality light microscope images of Tasmanian tiger hair. Through media coverage, the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) became aware of the project and offered to assist with even higher resolution images. This page describes presents the results of this project.

Hair sample

The images below show the hair sample used for all imaging and its envelope.

Photo: The envelope in which the hair sample was found, labelled "Thylacinus Cephalus Native Tiger". Credit: Supplied.

Photo: The hair sample used throughout this project.


Use the navigation on this page to read separate articles for each of the imaging techniques used.

Funding target met

On the closing day of the crowdfunding project, the funding target has been met.

Many thanks to the many backers who teamed together to make this project happen! I am sure this will be an exciting project with tangible results that will be helpful for many and simply just enjoyable for others.

Project progress

As the project progresses, "lab notes" will be added to the Experiment page, and announced here on WLMD and through the WLMD Facebook page.

Fundraiser video

Here is the video used during fundraising to describe the goals and purpose of this research.


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