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  • Examining the evidence for rare fauna - especially carnivorous marsupials - the Tasmanian tiger (thylacine), mainland Tasmanian devils and mainland Eastern quolls, but also unusual birds and other fauna.
  • Research - into the history of thylacines, devils and eastern quolls, building a library of Australian animal tracks, sharing wildlife photography and more
  • Expeditions - in search of the Tasmanian tiger and other rare fauna.

Recent news

Adamsfield thylacine identified

New insights into the photographic evidence for the 1990 Adamsfield thylacine has identified the subject of key photographs and strengthened the case for the tiger persisting into the 1990s.

24 May 2018

Cameron thylacine - detailed analysis

In 1984 Kevin Cameron took five photographs of an animal matching the appearance of a Tasmanian tiger - in Western Australia.

4 Mar 2018

Expedition notes - 2018-1

Cameras collected and re-deployed, that 2013 nest re-visited, hair samples collected, footprints photographed and an audio recorder deployed.

26 Jan 2018

The WLMD is has moved from the .com address to .com.au

This is a labour of love, so the migration will go slowly.

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The new engine running WLMD is much easier to use and publishing articles is much faster. Watch this space for a continually growing library of resources and information relating to Examining the Evidence for Rare Fauna - especially Tasmanian tigers.

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