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  • Examining the evidence for rare fauna - especially carnivorous marsupials - the Tasmanian tiger (thylacine), mainland Tasmanian devils and mainland Eastern quolls, but also unusual birds and other fauna.
  • Research - into the history of thylacines, devils and eastern quolls, building a library of Australian animal tracks, sharing wildlife photography and more
  • Expeditions - in search of the Tasmanian tiger and other rare fauna.

Recent news

Adamsfield thylacines - in 1990

You read that right - thylacines (plural). The story is complex and the evidence is difficult to interpret but there is a good case to be made for the Tasmanian tiger persisting to at least 1990 near Adamsfield, Tasmania.

8 Jan 2018

Camera trap footage of Tasmanian tiger taxidermy using infrared light

To date, no definitive camera trap imagery has ever been published that undeniably shows a thylacine. With the assistance of QVMAG, this study illustrates the appearance of thylacine stripes using the infrared flash photography of a camera trap and discusses factors affecting stripe visibility.

2 Jan 2018

Herald Sun thylacine

Earlier this month the Herald Sun in Australia published an article regarding thylacine genetics. This included a mysterious video clip at top simply offered as possible evidence of the thylacine, without any further explanation or credit.

26 Dec 2017

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