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  • Examining the evidence for rare fauna - especially carnivorous marsupials - the Tasmanian tiger (thylacine), mainland Tasmanian devils and mainland Eastern quolls, but also unusual birds and other fauna.
  • Research - into the history of thylacines, devils and eastern quolls, building a library of Australian animal tracks, sharing wildlife photography and more
  • Expeditions - in search of the Tasmanian tiger and other rare fauna.

Recent news

New Guinea mermaid at New Ireland - Tabar Islands

A guest post by Gary Opit giving a detailed account of western efforts from 1973 onward to identify an unknown marine mammal which, possibly, this year has been clearly photographed and documented.

16 Aug 2017

Rehberg Bagshaw audio recordings

During the expedition in early 2017, a repeated 'yipping' call was heard and recorded. Click through to read the analysis and view a short mini documentary about the trip.

26 Jul 2017

Tasmanian tiger hair - scanning electron micrographs

CSIRO has delivered a new set of images - scanning electron micrographs using Tasmanian tiger hair coated in metal alloy. Click through to see thylacine hair samples in unprecedented detail.

21 Jul 2017

The WLMD is has moved from the .com address to .com.au

This is a labour of love, so the migration will go slowly.

Start browsing right right where you are. This new site will link to the old site for anything I haven't moved across yet. (smile)

The new engine running WLMD is much easier to use and publishing articles is much faster. Watch this space for a continually growing library of resources and information relating to Examining the Evidence for Rare Fauna - especially Tasmanian tigers.

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