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  • Examining the evidence for rare fauna - especially carnivorous marsupials - the Tasmanian tiger (thylacine), mainland Tasmanian devils and mainland Eastern quolls, but also unusual birds and other fauna.
  • Research - into the history of thylacines, devils and eastern quolls, building a library of Australian animal tracks, sharing wildlife photography and more.
  • Expeditions - in search of the Tasmanian tiger and other rare fauna.

Recent news

Adamsfield thylacine - further evidence

A higher resolution copy of the Adamsfield "Photo B" and a fuller account of the events that occurred during the 1990s. Written with Adrian Richardson.

1 May 2023

Prospective Tasmanian Tiger track discovered in Tasmania

During an expedition in Tasmania I discovered a sequence of 20 marks on the ground in pristine condition. This article looks at the question of how Tasmanian Tiger tracks may be discerned from those of a Tasmanian Devil and draws the conclusion that this track line was more likely produced by a Tasmanian Tiger, given our current understanding of the tracks of those two species.

29 Oct 2019

Emmerichs thylacine photos

It has been 14 years since Klaus Emmerichs publicised his sighting of a thylacine in Tasmania in 2005. Take a look back at some of the analysis of those images which concluded, in summary, that his photographs were of a real-world three dimensional scene, but could draw no conclusion on whether the tiger in the images was real and alive.

12 Jun 2019

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