Vision and goals

Vision and Goals

The primary vision for Where Light Meets Dark is to critically examine the evidence for rare fauna.

Second, it serves as a place for me to document personal projects relating to conservation, photography and searching for wildlife.

Examining the evidence

WLMD is concerned with the examination of photographic, video and other evidence for the existence or survival of any species but pays particular attention to the following Australian animals:

  • Tasmanian tiger (thylacine)
  • Tasmanian devil - on the mainland
  • Eastern quoll - on the mainland

Personal projects

In addition, WLMD is concerned with documenting a number of personal projects undertaken by its author. These include:

  • Expeditions in search of the Tasmanian tiger (thylacine)
  • Camera trap surveys in search of Tasmanian devils on the mainland (together with Debbie Hynes of
  • Camera trap surveys in search of Eastern quolls on the mainland
  • Researching the history of Tasmanian devils and Eastern quolls on the mainland

Getting involved

WLMD encourages you to get involved in wildlife conservation and sustainable living.

WLMD runs a feedback forum where you can make suggestions or request an examination of the evidence for a particular species or sighting.

Supporting WLMD really does help offset the costs of running the website.