Examining the evidence

Examining the evidence for rare Australian fauna

Where Light Meets Dark conducts critical analyses of evidence for the survival of fauna where it is not expected. This includes examining the evidence for species believed to be extinct, as well as individual animals detected outside their expected range (out of place / OOPs).

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Big cats (Australian)Exotic speciesAustraliaOut of place (OOP)

Marsupial lion (Thylacoleo carnifex)Carnivorous marsupialAustraliaPresumed extinct for 30,000 years

Tasmanian tigers (thylacines) (Thylacinus cynocephalus)Carnivorous marsupialMainland Australia and TasmaniaPresumed extinct for 2,000 years on mainland and since 1936 in Tasmania

Tasmanian devil (mainland) (Sarcophilus harrisii)Carnivorous marsupialMainland AustraliaPresumed extinct for 350 years

Eastern quolls (Dasyurus viverrinus)Carniviorous marsupialMainland AustraliaPresumed extinct since 1963

Marine creaturesAquatic - marineWorldwideVarious

Ground parrot (Pezoporus wallicus)BirdSydney basin (NSW)Presumed locally extinct since 1890s

Night parrot (Pezoporus occidentalis)BirdAustralia

Prior to July 2013:

  • Specimen collected 1912, sighted 1979, dead specimens found 1990, 2006

July 2013:

  • Photo and video obtained

August 2015:

  • Live capture

Birds, various - unusually colouredBirdAustralia
  • Blue sparrow photographed April 2009
  • Blue corellas photographed 2008
  • More