Tasmanian tiger (thylacine)

All Tasmanian tiger expeditions and searches have been conducted in Tasmania unless otherwise noted.

YearNo.SummaryTeamFurther info
20192019-2Expedition to Tasmania - deploy camera traps; recover audio data; obtain DNA sampling material.Chris Rehberg
20192019-1Expedition to Tasmania - deploy triangulation audio recorders; recover cameras; re-visit nesting site; retrieve sample audio recordings; obtain DNA sampling materials.Chris Rehberg
2018 Jan2018-1Expedition to Tasmania - retrieve 6x cameras, redeploy 3x cameras; deploy audio recorder; revisit nest found during expedition 2013-1.Chris Rehberg
2017 Feb


Trip notes

Expedition to Tasmania - audio recordings made of animal vocalisations (yipping call)Chris Rehberg, Rob Bagshaw
2016 Jan2016-1Expedition to Tasmania - no camera deployments due to 60+ bushfires across the state, park and road closures.Chris Rehberg
2014 Mar2014-1Expedition to Tasmania to retrieve camerasChris Rehberg
2013 May


Trip notes

Expedition to Tasmania. Site A abandoned due to technical difficulties. Cameras deployed to Site B. Nest of unknown animal found.Chris Rehberg
2012 Jul2012-1Research trip for Eastern quoll conservation, included visit to Launceston Museum to examine plaster casts, sighting reports, photographs and taxidermies.Chris Rehberg
2010 Nov2010-1Expedition to Tasmania to retrieve cameras centred around location of earlier footprint discovery.Chris Rehberg
2009 Nov2009-3Expedition to Tasmania to retrieve cameras from earlier deployments and to deploy cameras at site of footprint located during Monster Quest filming.Chris Rehberg, Michael Nelson
2009 May


Trip notes

Retrieve last of cameras used during Monster Quest filming. Deploy new cameras to new location.Chris Rehberg, Michael NelsonSee old WLMD site
2009 Feb2009-1 Trip notesFilming of Monster Quest episode "Isle of the Lost Tiger". Candidate footprint found during this search.Chris Rehberg, Michael Nelson

Monster Quest: Isle of the Lost Tiger - on IMDB

See old WLMD site

2008 Nov2008-1Deploy cameras ahead of Monster Quest filming.Chris Rehberg, Michael NelsonSee old WLMD site