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Adamsfield thylacine - further evidence

A higher resolution copy of the Adamsfield "Photo B" and a fuller account of the events that occurred during the 1990s. Written with Adrian Richardson.

1 May 2023

Prospective Tasmanian Tiger track discovered in Tasmania

During an expedition in Tasmania I discovered a sequence of 20 marks on the ground in pristine condition. This article looks at the question of how Tasmanian Tiger tracks may be discerned from those of a Tasmanian Devil and draws the conclusion that this track line was more likely produced by a Tasmanian Tiger, given our current understanding of the tracks of those two species.

29 Oct 2019

Emmerichs thylacine photos

It has been 14 years since Klaus Emmerichs publicised his sighting of a thylacine in Tasmania in 2005. Take a look back at some of the analysis of those images which concluded, in summary, that his photographs were of a real-world three dimensional scene, but could draw no conclusion on whether the tiger in the images was real and alive.

12 Jun 2019

Adamsfield thylacine identified

New insights into the photographic evidence for the 1990 Adamsfield thylacine has identified the subject of key photographs and strengthened the case for the tiger persisting into the 1990s.

24 May 2018

Cameron thylacine - detailed analysis

In 1984 Kevin Cameron took five photographs of an animal matching the appearance of a Tasmanian tiger - in Western Australia.

4 Mar 2018

Expedition notes - 2018-1

Cameras collected and re-deployed, that 2013 nest re-visited, hair samples collected, footprints photographed and an audio recorder deployed.

26 Jan 2018

Adamsfield thylacines - in 1990

You read that right - thylacines (plural). The story is complex and the evidence is difficult to interpret but there is a good case to be made for the Tasmanian tiger persisting to at least 1990 near Adamsfield, Tasmania.

8 Jan 2018

Camera trap footage of Tasmanian tiger taxidermy using infrared light

To date, no definitive camera trap imagery has ever been published that undeniably shows a thylacine. With the assistance of QVMAG, this study illustrates the appearance of thylacine stripes using the infrared flash photography of a camera trap and discusses factors affecting stripe visibility.

2 Jan 2018

Herald Sun thylacine

Earlier this month the Herald Sun in Australia published an article regarding thylacine genetics. This included a mysterious video clip at top simply offered as possible evidence of the thylacine, without any further explanation or credit.

26 Dec 2017

Optical light micrographs of Tasmanian tiger hair

Over 100 micrographs of Tasmanian tiger hair, produced using relatively inexpensive and accessible light microscopy, have been published in conclusion of the WLMD Tiger Hair project.

26 Dec 2017

New Guinea mermaid at New Ireland - Tabar Islands

A guest post by Gary Opit giving a detailed account of western efforts from 1973 onward to identify an unknown marine mammal which, possibly, this year has been clearly photographed and documented.

16 Aug 2017

Rehberg Bagshaw audio recordings

During the expedition in early 2017, a repeated 'yipping' call was heard and recorded. Click through to read the analysis and view a short mini documentary about the trip.

26 Jul 2017

Tasmanian tiger hair - scanning electron micrographs

CSIRO has delivered a new set of images - scanning electron micrographs using Tasmanian tiger hair coated in metal alloy. Click through to see thylacine hair samples in unprecedented detail.

21 Jul 2017

Doyle thylacine

In 1973, Liz and Gary Doyle filmed an animal in South Australia. Four articles written over several years (the first over 10 years ago) have been migrated and refreshed from the old WLMD website to here.

20 Jul 2017

Nick Mooney - Q & A

Earlier this year, wildlife biologist and thylacine-report investigator Nick Mooney, responded to a series of questions asked within the Thylacine Open Debate and Discussion page on Facebook.

19 Jul 2017

Blaeu thylacine - 17th century Tasmanian map

The oldest map to depict Tasmania alongside mainland Australia, dated 1659, was discovered this year and depicts an unusual striped animal.

14 Jul 2017

Day thylacine - Moonta sunrise - further analysis

Applying lessons learned from the Ellendale thylacine, we take a look at the Day thylacine.

12 Jul 2017

Day thylacine - Moonta sunrise - gait analysis

In a guest post from Brendan Kays we take a look at the Day thylacine filmed at Moonta, South Australia.

11 Jul 2017

Confocal laser scanning electron micrographs of Tasmanian tiger hair

CSIRO has followed up the earlier SEM work with CLSM optical 3D images of thylacine hair. These are the highest resolution optical, true colour images of thylacine hair published to date.

15 Jun 2017

Ellendale thylacine 2016 debunked

The "Ellendale thylacine" has been debunked.

2 Jun 2017

Tasmanian tiger on camera trap - Ellendale thylacine 2016 - appears debunked

A still frame image has been presented on YouTube showing what appears to be a Tasmanian tiger captured by a camera trap. This is likely related to the early 2017 news announcement.

31 May 2017

Scanning electron micrographs of Tasmanian tiger hair

Thanks to the support of numerous backers of the Tiger Hair project, WLMD received an offer from CSIRO to add scanning electron micrography to the project. Presented here are the world's first published scanning electron micrographs of Tasmanian tiger hair.

18 May 2017

Expert discussions - Q&A

Wade Francis on the Thylacine Debate and Discussion page, on Facebook, has been opening discussion forums with thylacine experts who respond to community member questions. With his permission, this new page on WLMD collates the results for long-term reference.

7 May 2017

Tiger hair project meets funding target

7 May 2017

New photo discovered

As at 8 May 2017, image removed on request of Rose Lewis.

Do you have family photos, news clippings, diaries, letters or anything else about the early history of the Tasmanian tiger?

29 Apr 2017

Unusual animal call recorded in Tasmania

23 Apr 2017

Please help make this project happen before 30 April!

Tasmanian tiger hair research

For the sake of collating scarce information about the morphology and appearance of thylacine hair, a new article:

20 Mar 2017