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Who we are

"Where Light Meets Dark" is the name of this website, run by Chris Rehberg (see below). It is also known as "WLMD".

WLMD, with its vision, was launched in 2006.


Our main focus is:

Specific fauna of interest:

  • Tasmanian tigers (anywhere in the world)
  • Tasmanian devils (on mainland Australia) - see sister website
  • Eastern quolls (on mainland Australia) - see project page
  • Night parrots
  • Ground parrots (in Sydney) - see project page



Chris is based in Sydney, Australia and is the primary driver behind WLMD. He liaises with many experts and amateurs worldwide for information and research on the thylacine (see the acknowledgments page). Additionally, Chris has partnered with the following people for specific expeditions in search of the Tasmanian tiger:

Key events timeline




Photo (click to enlarge)Photo DescriptionPhoto Credit

Chris Rehberg with a Tasmanian tiger (thylacine) taxidermySylvia Rehberg / Where Light Meets Dark

Chris Rehberg in Tasmanian wildernessRob Bagshaw

Chris Rehberg carrying camera equipment in TasmaniaChris Rehberg / Where Light Meets Dark

Example camera trap photo showing an orange animal with apparent stripes. The final identification is a wallaby and foreground leaves create the striping appearance.Chris Rehberg / Where Light Meets Dark

Camera trap photo of a Tasmanian echidna - fur is longer than on the mainland, hiding its spikes.Chris Rehberg / Where Light Meets Dark