Audio recordings of the Tasmanian tiger

No known verified recordings

As described by the online Thylacine Museum, "no audio recordings of thylacine vocalisation are known to exist".

Several people - including WLMD - have made audio recordings post 1936 (ie. after the accepted extinction date) alleging these may contain Tasmanian tiger vocalisations. These are summarised and analysed here.

Rehberg - Bagshaw audio recordings

During a search for the thylacine in 2013 I heard a vocalisation matching written descriptions of the Tasmanian tiger.

During 2017 whilst on a joint expedition with Rob Bagshaw, I heard extensive vocalisations matching written descriptions of the Tasmanian tiger. Several audio recordings were taken during this expedition.

At time of writing, this audio is being researched extensively. Updates regarding this audio will be published here.

The trip notes news alert contains an initial description of the possible audio recording of the Tasmanian tiger.

Other recordings

A number of other recordings are known to exist. These will be described here in due course.