Expert discussions - Q and A

Beginning early 2017, Wade Francis, who administers the Thylacine Open Debate and Discussion Page on Facebook, began approaching a range of experts with various questions on the Tasmanian tiger. The questions themselves were sourced from members of that Facebook community. With Wade's permission, the various Q&A sessions are reproduced here for long-term reference.

Also in 2017 I began responding to public questions about the Thylacine posted on the Quora website. My responses to these various questions are also given here.

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Dr Stephen Sleightholme


Cameron Campbell

25 Mar 2017

Dr Stephen Sleightholme is author of several scientific papers on the thylacine and Project Director to the International Thylacine Specimen Database. Now into its 6th revision, the ITSD is the culmination of a major cooperative effort between museums and universities that hold specimens of the thylacine (Thylacinus cynocephalus), to produce the first comprehensive study of all that is known to physically remain of this unique species. In 2005, the ITSD was presented with a prestigious Whitley Award, the first time in the history of the awards that a citation had been presented for a database.

Cameron Campbell is Curator of the online Thylacine Museum and author of several scientific papers on the thylacine. The Thylacine Museum is a world class educational resource and the most comprehensive source of information on the thylacine available anywhere on the web, or for that matter, in any conventional museum display. Now into its 18th year, the museum was an early pioneer in internet education, being one of the first natural history websites. The latest revision brings together expert opinion from many disciplines, and this, combined with its many interactive features, ensures that the site appeals to both the amateur naturalist and academic alike.

Professor Mike Archer

30 Mar 2017

Professor Mike Archer is a professor in the School of Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia. Archer's research includes: conservation through sustainable use of native resources -- including having native animals as pets -- and trying to bring extinct species back into the world of the living. Previously Archer served as the Curator of Mammals at the Queensland Museum and Director of the Australian Museum in Sydney

Nick Mooney12 May 2017Nick Mooney is a wildlife biologist, write, conservationist and educator. For many decades he worked with the Parks Departments in Tasmania and was responsible for collating and investigating reports of thylacine sightings. Nick was involved in the comprehensive search carried out by authorities following the 1982 sighting made by park ranger Hans Naarding. More recently Nick has been involved in Tasmanian devil conservation, working as a guide and with raptor rehabilitation in Tasmania.
Chris Rehberg2017 onwardThis author, Yours Truly, has been researching claims for evidence of the Tasmanian Tiger since 2005. I have also gone in search of evidence in the Tasmanian wilderness many times since 2009. More broadly, as you can see on this website, I am also interested in Thylacine history and new research projects.